Van life in numbers…

I really want to write some more comprehensive blog posts about our road trip this summer. We are still all recovering and adjusting to life at home which is proving more exhausting than I thought it would be. Consequently my mornings start with grand writing ambitions for the evening but by the end of the day, when the boys have gone to bed, I am to be found slumped on the sofa.  Those posts may have to wait for when I have the energy to do more than stare at sites selling campervans all evening…

For now though here’s a round up of our trip in numbers…

30 days on the road

1800 miles travelled

£500 spent on petrol.

10 campsites stayed on

5 beaches walked/played upon

1 road we got stuck on.

5 days without rain in some part of them.

day when the rain never stopped

473,993 steps taken (according to my fitbit)

30 times reading the Gruffalo.

3 times we completed the Gruffalo trail (in 2 different places)

5 fridge cakes made and consumed (no oven for baking meant lots of fridge cake joy)

10 sets of friends we hung out with

2 or 3 times son2 fell out of the van (oops)

6 National Trust properties visited.

3000909990 Times listened to ‘I saw the sign’ (for some reason this Swedish classic became our starting song on every journey…)

13 times the cassette toilet has been emptied (all the work of the excellent husbandface).

30 or more times the Cat in the Hat has been listened to.

1.2 gas bottles used.

1 morning waking up to find the van in a swamp due to rain.

Crabs found and examined in rock pools (hermit ones are sooo cool)

More soon.


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