The route…

Today we headed into town to complete our map collection for the upcoming trip. There are some locations where we can rely on google maps (other map services are available) on our phones but for the most part we need maps and lots of them. Especially for the awesome exploring that needs to happen.

I love maps. I loved staring at them every holiday and planning out routes for us to head down when I was growing up. I have this weird memory now rising in my head of me writing down a planner for our holiday and filling it up with mountains we should climb and places we should go (Clearly I was trained to be an outdoor geek from the start). Anyway I can’t wait to get them out and help son1 understand the joys of map reading. These days (I have just turned 39, I’m allowed to use phrases like that) you can download the map onto your phone, nothing really beats paper but it’s good to have a back up.

We also have a route. Here it is. I think if you click on the places it’ll give you an idea of what we are doing where and when.

26th July- Brighton-Leighton Buzzard
26th-27th July- Leighton Buzzard-Ashbourne
27th-29th July: Ashbourne
29th-30th July- Clayton-Le-Woods
30-31st July– Hadrians Wall
31st July- 3rd August- Keilder Water
3rd August- 6th August- Beadnell Bay
6th August- Durham
6-7th August- York
7th August- 10th August– Cambridge
10th-11th August– Leighton Buzzard
11th August- Legoland
11th-13th August- Wellington Country Park
13-15th August– Liphook
15th-16th August – Keynsham
16th-18th August– Wookey
18th-20th August-  Hartland Point
20th-24th August– Golden Cap Holiday Park
24-25th August-Home

So there we are.

All that is left is to get a few more bits and pieces, plan some meals, buy our first load of store cupboard food, add some more stuff to the packing lists, write a small guide to the quirks of our house for friends who are using it while we are away and try to contain the excitement of our boys. Oh and playlists, more playlists.

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