Planning and prep for our first camping trip with the kids. 

Our days of wild updates are going to be a little delayed towards the end of this week. We are off camping in the Breacon Beacons for a couple of nights tomorrow. I really enjoy switching the phone onto airplane photos only mode when we are away in the great outdoors. (We’ll see how realistic that is eh, but any chances to break some of my phone addictions are to be welcomed). Full updates will come when we return from the adventure.

We haven’t been camping since I was pregnant with son2. I seem to remember we camped three times that summer, once I managed our planned 2 nights, one we gave up after 1 night and the next I wisely went home to bed each night whilst husbandface and son1 stayed in the tent. The following summer I refused to camp whilst breastfeeding. We went to Ireland and Cornwall with family to stay in nice holiday cottages. I am not hardcore. Last summer we went to Ireland again and I had my tonsils out which killed the rest of the summer holidays.

This year we have caught the motorhoming bug but along the way our love of the outdoors has been nurtured and fanned into flame. For various reasons we have the chance to go camping in Wales this week. I can’t wait. Neither can the boys. I am loving their excitement and hope it carries on when the reality of camping sets in. 

We’ve rediscovered our camping stuff from our friends garage, where it was deposited when we moved house a couple of years ago. Most of it has survived. We had a tent, sleeping mats, camping table, chairs, cooking equipment and some boxes for food. It was a good haul. This Saturday we added in sleeping bags for us all, air beds for the boys, a camping stove of our own, a chair for the eldest, a collapsible washing up bowl, a water carrier, a new kettle to replace the slightly leaky one (glad we discovered that out before we went) and some new tent pegs. I’m so glad we are beyond the travel cot stage and it feels like we aren’t taking the entire world with us. (Although that’s a pretty long list..)

Today is all about the packing. These post from our lovely friends Chasing Wilderness and Beautiful Tribe have helped me think through what we need to take. So helpful to have such lists and inspiration for the trip. 

I’m adding in a bucket of toys. We’ll be taking a couple of balls, a scrapbook and colouring pens, a few books, frisbee and a couple of card games. I don’t want to overfill us with toys but I do want to find out which ones are worth taking along for the journey as I’m sure it will help when we head off in the motorhome next month.

I hope this will give us an easy 3 days of our 30 days of wild. I can’t wait to head to a place I’ve never been and see some pretty scenery. Son1 is super excited about helping with everything, son2 is loving his new sleeping bag and husbandface is looking forward to hanging out with us all. I am sure we will have fun tales to tell when we get back on Friday.

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  1. Camping in the Breacon Beacons!! It’s going to be amazing! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Happy packing. That really is the hardest bit, isn’t it? I can identify with what you’ve said about the reasons for not camping recently. If the others didn’t love it so much, I wouldn’t be willing to take one for the team, as much as I’ve come to love it too.

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