Plans, preparations and the start of some lists… 20 Days to go…

It’s 20 days until we pack up a giant beast of a motorhome and head out onto the open road.

20 days.

It’s also 2 weeks until son1 finishes Nursery and 2 weeks until the end of most activities and groups that son2 goes to.

Endings and beginnings

It’s strange facing the end of term without husbandface in teacher wind down/get to the end mode. It’s odd that we have no idea what life will look like in the next year, we have no timetable for his recovery. Healing from complex trauma isn’t a nice neat linear process. There are many question marks over the rest of this year (and beyond) will look like.

This time of year is normally full of exhaustion and struggle but with a knowledge that holidays will bring relief. We have no certainty of that this year. I am kind of glad son1 will start school in September, it keeps us on the track we’ve lived on for the last 7 and a half years of marriage. The new start feel of September will be there for at least some of our family.

Hope on the horizon.

Until then I have high hopes for our adventure. I think it will be good for our mental health to be away, to feel like it’s a holiday, or at very least a change from the norm.  I want this trip to help release ourselves from the everyday grind, to let husbandface be free from the guilt of thinking he should be at work or be trying to get back to some kind of work. I think it will be lovely to get away from the routines of housework and washing and into new routines of motorhome work (is that a thing?) and washing in random campsites all over the UK. I have hope that this time away might bring good into our lives.

Fine tuning the practical details.

This morning I booked the last night of our adventure and our itinerary is now complete. I’m going to attempt to get a map up of where we are headed sometime in the next 20 days. For now though my head is full of lists.

First up is the list of things we need to buy before we go. My lovely parents have agreed to have the boys on Saturday morning so we can go shopping for stuff. Because shops + 2 boys under 5 demanding stuff + one husband being triggered by loud noises and stressful situations = a whole load of crazy that would mean we bought one thing we didn’t need and were wiped out for the rest of the week. So. We shall head to some shops on Saturday knowing that if needed I can do most of the shopping whilst husbandface sits in quiet corners of coffee shops with noise cancelling headphones on. Thanks Mum and Dad, we love you. Lots.

Extra stuff we need.

We both need waterproof jackets, as much as my head would like to believe it will not rain for a month in August in the UK I just don’t think that will happen. (and maybe wishing a drought on everyone for the sake of our comfort isn’t all that kind).  I’m pondering waterproof trousers for us all as well, it might help us make the most of the weather rather than fear rainy days.

More underwear, shorts and maybe some more tops would be helpful, just in case we haven’t quite timed the provision of washing machines on tour right. Mosquito repellent, updating our first aid kit and medicines for us all are needed. (must remember this blog post is here when we shop on Saturday.). I think we are all kitted out with wellies but I need to check the boys fit into theirs before we go.

We are planning on taking a few outdoor toys for us all but I don’t want to overload us with stuff so in reality we might just settle on buckets, spades (4 because we all want in on the sandcastle action), balls and maybe a bat of some sort (son1 is just beginning to connect sticks with balls so that could be a good encourager of hand eye coordination). Any ideas of good outdoor games for a nearly 3 and nearly 5 year old gratefully received…

Lists, lists, lists.

I think that might be it for stuff we need to get. The next challenge is writing a long list of all we need to remember to pack for the boys, us, the kitchen side of things, outdoor gear and toys for us all. I have no idea how wet days in the motorhome will go, or even down times where we aren’t outdoors. When the boys are asleep we both plan on reading a ton of books. I may have inevitably buy some kindle ones rather than take a whole load of physical ones (oh the pain). 

I’m collecting chapter books from charity shops to surprise son1 with when we get onto the van and I bought loads of craft kits from BakerRoss the other day which should tide us through some tricky moments. Stickers, magazines and craft are things they actually love doing but I find hard to work up the energy for. Maybe desperation for something to do will lead me into the joys. I also need to put reams of sellotape into the craft box because who on earth has the patience to let glue set? Not me or my boys…

We have yet to buy a scrap book for the trip because I am searching for the PERFECT one. I will probably never find it and end up with the one from WH Smiths we’ve had for previous summers. But I want the perfect pretty one that will be the best thing ever to look at when we get back. (Lets face it, if I did find the perfect one I wouldn’t let the boys near it’s pristine loveliness and we would have NO record of the adventure.) 

That’s all for now, soon I shall post my packing lists because it’ll be good to have some record and we’ll see about getting that map up. 

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