Our Story

We’re are a family of 4 starting out in the motorhoming world. We fell in love with life on the road a few months ago when we hired for the first time. After reading every magazine and watching all the youtube videos we could get our hands on we realised we wanted more. Thanks to exceptional family we have been able to hire a motorhome to take us on a journey around the UK this summer for a month. We’ll be seeing what life is like on the road with a 4 and 2 year old. We’ll be connecting more with the great outdoors and seeking better mental health for us all. We’ll also be catching up with friends and family along the way. We’d love you to come along for the ride.

Here we are:



I’m the writer, the soul searcher, the lover of mountains, big crashing waves, wild open spaces, deep chats over big glasses of red wine, reading book after book after book, coffee shops, drumming, running and pondering the invisible world that affects the visible around us. I look after the 2 small weirdos as my full time 24/7 no benefits or sick pay job. I love it, I hate it, I LOVE it, I find them a little annoying at times and I LOVE them until it hurts me deep inside. Becoming a parent has blown my mind and although the small ones regularly test my patience beyond all limits I delight in them and all they are. I blog about life, faith, parenting, running and more at my blog www.thelongwalkhome.co.uk



I’ve been calling this wonderful man husbandface on the internet since I married him 7 and a half years ago. I’m not sure I can stop. He’s really called Kevin but I can’t really refer to him as anything else. We’ll see if that changes along the way. Kevin is, after all, shorter to type.

I’ll leave it to him to explain who he is:

Hi there!  Kevin here.  I’m a teacher and an explainer.  I love trying to make complicated things easier to understand and seeing lights going on someone’s head as they understand something they didn’t before.  I love my bike, my coffee, my shed and my garden.  I read a lot (A LOT) and I blog about parenting and education over at www.doingandlearning.com.  I am currently battling with some mental health issues which will be explored on here in time and am excited about using this blog and the motorhome to help explore and document the next step of our family’s adventure.  Welcome on board!


Son1 and Son2


Eldest son, 4 and a half. Likes lego. Wishes he could have all the lego in the world. Is unconvinced as to why we can’t. Enjoys big questions about life and why the sky is blue. Right now he wants to be an architect and a gardener. Likes cuddles and reading book after book after book. Thinks that the camper van adventure we had last time gave him an ear infection. Is hard to dissuade of this notion. Also thinks they might give him a stomach ache and would prefer if we went on a caravan. Because there was one in a book we read recently. Likes to point out that we aren’t going in a camper van but rather a motorhome because it’s bigger.


The youngest one, two and a half. Said every day for a week after our last adventure that he doesn’t want to go home but wants to go in his camper van. Loved the motorhome and all that happened in it. (especially the button that makes the step go down. Oh how I hate that button) Likes huggles, winding us up, giggling, constant food, pretending to sleep when people he doesn’t know talk to him, sleeping on my face, his array of soft toys all with their own issues (frombirth the rabbit is always sad because her mum has gone to town. I’m a little worried her mum will never come back..).