30 Days of Wild: Day 29


TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_29

OK. We have one day to go. To be honest, about three hours ago I was going to give up on writing anything. I did nothing wild today, I went and sat in a friends house and ate cake without any small people hands grabbing it from me or asking me over and over again why the sky is blue. It was lovely. I read a whole book on a train and that was really it…

Husbandface says they did lots of wild things today without me. But without me doesn’t really exist right? Oh wait. Maybe the world does carry on without me.  Apparently they saw the beach and played pirates in the park. They then hung out at their Godmum’s house for the rest of the day and planted beans. It was a good wild day. There are no photos though. So again, it didn’t really happen, right?

BUT. When I got home the caterpillars looked like they were about to break out of their little homes (insert correct term here) and as we ate dinner one wriggled out to say hi. Or just wave it’s little antenna and unfurl it’s wings. AND I have photos. So it’s our wild of the day.


One more day to go.

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