30 Days of Wild: Days 21-23

We have spent the last few days camping in the Breacon Beacons (full post on that joy coming up soon), we were fairly unplugged from the distractions of the phone and internet so here’s our bumper three days of wild in one.

Day 21: I started the longest day by going on a 7k run, ending up at the seafront. Husbandface joined me and we plunged into the sea.

IMG_0447 (1)

A welcome relief on the hottest day of the year. It was the first time I’ve swum in the sea since moving to Brighton 14 years ago. I am sad it has taken me so long. There is little more invigorating to my soul than cold water and the feeling of being in something so big and wild. 4 hours in a car later and we set up camp in Cwmdu. We stayed on a very quiet little campsite and enjoyed the getting back to basics feel of camping again.

Day 22: Me and the boys explored a local town, checking out a playground set in an old castle ruin and enjoying a local library for some down time with fresh books to read.

Post lunch we found another castle, scrambled over some ruins, ate cake and paddled in a river. Wild and beautiful for the soul.

Day 23: I am totally counting the 2am trip to the toilet that had me gazing in awe at the wonder of seeing stars. Actual stars. Billions of them. I can’t remember ever having seen such constellations before and I gapped in amazement at seeing all the familar ones from books so vivd in front of my eyes. I am so looking forward to our upcoming motorhome trip and the chance to do some more stargazing in dark sky places. Later that morning we broke camp, drove another 4 hours and checked out the lush growth in our vegetable patches but the best wild moment of all remains that star filled trip to the loo.

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