30 Days of Wild: Day 8

We were all tired and grumpy today. Tired and grumpy. The weather felt heavy in our heads.

We did at least summon up the energy to vote. I’m not sure that counts as wild. We hung out at the park for a bit, outdoors at least. Back in the garden we noted our cat scarer had worked and we had no more holes in our vegetable patch. Phew.

At the end of a long day we decided to slump ourselves on the sofa and watch Springwatch for some inspiration. Son2 was fairly unimpressed. Too much of Chris Packham and not enough ZingZilla dancing monkey’s I think. Son1 was in turn enthralled and sleepy. We may have napped through some of it. In the bits we saw we loved the birds, the baby birds and the sad small baby birds who got knocked out of nests or rejected by their mothers. We snuggled and looked at cool animals we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. It was a good end to a pretty crappy day.


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