30 Days of Wild: Day 4

Sundays seem to be grumpy days around here. By mid afternoon a weariness has set in and we find ourselves snappy and out of sorts. It was with a certain level of grump that we decided to sow the wildflower seeds which came with our 30 days of wild pack. I’m not sure it was quite in the spirit of things to be so annoyed with Son1’s faffing around. He did at least make sure we followed the lovely enclosed instruction leaflet and did some good raking, sowing, walking on the ground and watering of the patch. We await in eager expectation for an area of wildflower land in our garden.

To cure the grumps we stomped off to the local park and flew our kite. There is something about the effort to get the thing to fly and the soaring wonder when it does that makes us very very happy indeed. Blue sunny skies and a wonderful green meadow dotted with daisies and buttercups also helped.

I think I’m starting to realise this concept of ‘wild’ is really just about getting outside or noticing what is going on out of our windows. I thought about it lots on my run this morning as I gazed around at pretty flowers, at stinging nettles that seem to have taken over some of the paths and as I ran past gardens full of colour and light. This outside world of ours is ever changing and refreshing for the deep parts of me that need soothing these days.

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