30 Days of Wild: Day 30

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_30We did it. We have accomplished our 30 days of wild fun and it feels good. As son1 pointed out wild things carry on after today but I feel a sense of satisfaction at having made us think more about the world out of our windows. We have loved getting outdoors more than usual and having our attention drawn to the wild world on our doorstep. There is much I could pontificate on but it is Friday night and there is tea to be drunk and an early bed before I run 10k through a forest tomorrow morning as a kind of added bonus to our wild month.

Today’s wild thing was rockpooling down at Rottingdean. I’ve been wanting to take the boys for a while but our free time never quite managed to conicide with low tide until this morning.


We slipped about on the rocks, splashed in pools and generally scared any wildlife away. We did, however, find an abundance of crabs under stones and spotted the occasional small fish darting away from the lumbering humans above them. A good morning trip out and a lovely way to finish our wild adventures… until next month.



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