30 Days of Wild: Day 3

Our holiday is over and so today we headed back to our lovely city of Brighton. As the train wove it’s way out of the urban sprawl of London the high contrast of luminous green against blue blue sky filled the windows. It felt good to be going back to a greener environment, to more readily able to access countryside.

We’ve had a hard year with husbandface off work with ptsd and depression. Our break in London was a lovely time where I got some respite care, where we were looked after by friends and family and I had other people to talk to each day. As we stood at London Bridge station I shed tears of fear at going back to the long slog of days on my own with the boys.

We talked on the train, son1 also didn’t want to go home and was grumpy as well. We muttered at each other and expressed our feelings. It helped. The speeding green landscape out of the window also helped. There is something about gazing at big wide open spaces that is so so good for my mental health.

As we stumbled down our front garden steps I noticed the changes in the lawn, the grass taller, the purple flowers that line our path more in bloom. Son1 rushed straight to the back garden to check our metre square vegetable patch for signs of growth.


There were many. The slugs have lost so far in our war to grow things and we have new life springing up all over the place. Our herb/strawberry bed is also blooming.

Our day of ‘wild’ today involved noticing and marvelling at the growth in our own back yard. Oh and husbandface uncovered a frog as he was clearing cuttings from the lawn. It happily hopped away but slowly enough for the boys to catch a glimpse. It feels good to be home, to be back where we are rooting ourselves into the land beneath our feet and where the views across the downs from our back door make my soul sing.

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