30 Days of Wild: Day 28

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_28Once we ditched the boys at nursery we dug out the bikes from their shed and headed off to Ditchling Beacon. I’m not sure when I last cycled, it was sometime before son2 was born. Some pumping up of tyres and adjustment of brakes later, we set off. I love cycling, love freewheeling down hills and getting the buzz of the outdoors whilst managing to get further than just legs will take me.

It wasn’t the best day for views but the sense of cycling in a cloud was pretty cool.

As I puffed my way up the hill I was reminded of my first cycle ride with the husbandface about 9 years ago, when we lived together. I had rejected our other housemates offer of going for a ride with him on the grounds that he was cool and fit and I would just be red faced and sweaty.  Somehow though the future husbandface was deemed ok to be hot and red faced in front of as I persuaded him out on his bike with me. (my pride was also in play, I totally thought I was fitter than him and could beat him,  clearly my other housemate was SO much fitter than me and I would be left behind). So if you are on the look out for a life partner I recommend anyone you don’t mind being out of breath and sweaty in front of (something to do with a lack of self consciousness I reckon).

I was also reminded of the day we got engaged, up the top of Ditchling Beacon about 8 years ago, the weather wasn’t much better although there was a view. We had a champagne breakfast and I very politely said ‘yes please’ when I was asked the question.


This morning we didn’t do much at the top except exchange fitbit stats, drink some water and smile at the non existent scenery.  It was beautiful to be out and energised though. A good non running exercise before my 10k race for life on Saturday.


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