30 Days of Wild: Day 11

It was the final day of our excellent church weekend away today. Not many wild things took place, just lots of good chats, reminders of the reality of our Maker’s love for us and lots of yummy food eaten in the sun outside.

We got home and slumped happy in front of some TV. Dinner happened and then we decided to make the most of a beautiful evening and two fairly awake boys whose chances of an early bed were destroyed by naps in the car on the way back.

We took inspiration from Robert McFarlane’s word of the day on twitter.

Word of the day: “twitten” – an alleyway or narrow lane (Sussex). Cf ginnel, snicket. Poss. from OE “twicen”, a place where two roads meet.

We have lots of these around us and, renaming them ‘secret passage ways’ to help the boys imagination, we headed out to explore some and find the woods at the top of our estate.

Wild adventuring happened, as did a discovery of stickman and another walk with minimal complaining from either boy. Hoorah.

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