30 Days of Wild: Day 1


Today marked the beginning of our adventures with #30daysofwild. We are currently staying the week in London with friends who are family. I thought this lovely location might be a slight damper on our search for wild but with Hyde Park on our doorstep it’s been good to think about searching for urban wild.

This morning we headed to the Diana Memorial Fountain, a beautiful park within the park with a rushing circular fountain for people to paddle in. It does a pretty good imitation of a mountain stream with multi levels and textures under foot. The boys loved it, apart from the times Son2 thought that maybe he was getting too wet. Anyway, it was wonderful to get barefoot in the capital, feel cool cool water on our legs and soft green grass beneath our feet.

Son1 loved chasing leaves down the river.

Son2 got brave pottering around the fast running areas.

I was captivated by this tree and it’s awesome bark patterns.

Husbandface seemed to enjoy a peaceful quiet place for some reading time and my friends 10 month old giggled with delight at the cold splashy water on his feet.

The sun was shining, the sky insanely blue and all in all it was a wonderful way to start a month of getting outdoors more.

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